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  • 2007
    • October
      • Abs: Electric Fields 2
        In this article we will examine alternating Electric fields and introduce the phenomenon of Electric field Induction.

      • Abs: Electric Fields 1
        There are fields emanating from cell phones, wireless handsets, wireless Internet access devices and countless more. In gaining an basic understanding how to minimize those fields from impinging upon the human body, an understanding of the Electric field will be an important foundation. This article

      • Abs: Magnetic Fields 3
        This article describes how to shield Magnetic fields - how to lessen or stop them from inducing current into some conductor or some system. The word System here includes human beings.

      • Abs: Magnetic Fields 2
        This article goes into more depth of the relationship between magnetic fields and currents - the flow of electrons. This article introduced the concept of Induction.

      • Abs: Magnetic Fields 1
        This article is the first in a series to discuss Magnetic fields. This series is pursuant to gaining an understanding of electromagnetic fields, such as those radiating from a cell phone.

    • September