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Art: Electric Fields 2 
Having introduced Electric fields in a previous article, we will now explore Electric fields that do not change with time (static fields) and those that do change with time.

In the science of electricity we speak of the flow of current (electrons) as DC or AC.

DC means Direct Current. It means that the current (flow of electrons) is moving in the same direction all of the time. For example example, if we connect a small lamp to a D cell battery, the current will flow out of the negative battery terminal, through the lamp, and into the positive battery terminal. The current will ALWAYS go in that direction. The current will never flow out of the positive battery terminal, through the lamp and into the other battery terminal.

AC means alternating current. It means that the current (flow of electrons) is first going in one direction, then reversing and going in the other direction - it is alternating.

The utility power provided to the majority of the worlds population is AC. In the U.S. it is 60 cycle per second current. This means that the current is switching direction, back and forth, 60 times per second.

Another example of AC current is that of Radio Frequencies (RF). RF is alternating back and forth, many times per second. As an example, Cell phone radiation is alternating back and forth 1.8 billion times per sec.

What does all this have to do with Electric fields?

Just as the flow of electrons in a conductor (like a wire) can be alternating back and forth, so can an Electric field.

When you are sitting in your home, the voltage on the power lines within your home are radiating an Electric field in all directions.

Since this Electric field is alternating it can cause a current to flow in the objects, systems and devices that are within its field. This process of a field, causing a current to flow somewhere is called Induction.

We discussed Induction due to a Magnetic field in previous articles. The Induction that we are describing with this article is Induction from an Electric field.

This phenomenon of Induction means that almost any thing that is radiating an alternating Electric field, is placing (inducing) currents into many of the objects around it.

The alternating Electric field from your house wiring and cell phone radiation are two common examples of devices that are inducing current into various systems, devices and yes, people.

In the next article we will discuss how to stop or shield Electric fields.