How Cell Phone Radiation Gets To Your Head

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How Cell Phone Radiation Gets To Your Head

This discussion covers the case where a person has a cell phone on their belt and is using an ear piece microphone that extends from the cell phone up to the person's ear. This discussion is in pursuit of looking at cell phone safety and cell phone health issues to understand the broader picture of possible cell phone danger to the user.

It has been described in other articles on this site, that the cell phone radiation leaving your cell phone is traveling to the Relay Station (Tower) of the particular cell phone carrier's network. In almost every case, that RF energy is radiating with the same strength, in the horizontal plane.

In the case where you have the cell phone on a belt clip, a significant amount of the radiation is going toward your body. Since the ear piece wire (of this cell phone accessory mic/ear-piece) is in the vicinity of your body, it will pick up the RF energy.

That RF energy will travel up the wire (the cell phone accessory mic/ear-piece) to the person's head. The strength of the RF energy that reaches a person's head by traveling on the wire, will, in general, be stronger than the RF energy that reaches the person's head by traveling through the air.