Stopping the Flow of RF Currents In A Conductor. Part 3, Dissipation

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Stopping the Flow of RF Currents In A Conductor. Part 3, Dissipation

Dissipation can be used to stop the flow of unwanted RF currents. This is the best approach. Here the unwanted RF energy is turned into heat. Once it is heat, it can never come back as RF and cause safety or health problems.

This article addresses RF current (that came from cell phone radiation) flowing through an ear piece wire that is going from a cell phone to the ear piece of the user's ear, a cell phone accessory.

The approach used in the Noble1 device is to clamp a ferrite around the accessory ear piece wire. The magnetic field of the unwanted RF current surrounds the ear piece wire. As the unwanted RF current flows from the cell phone to the ear piece, the magnetic field moves right along with it.

When this moving magnetic field encounters the ferrite device that is clamped around the wire, that magnetic field must go through the ferrite. The materials in the ferrite are deliberately chosen so that they are lossy.

Lossy (dissipative) means that they generate heat. In fact these ferrite materials are chosen to be very, very, lossy. In other words they convert the RF magnetic field (radiation) to heat - they dissipate it.

The RF magnetic field and the RF current that is flowing in the ear piece wire are inextricably tied together. If you stop one, you stop the other. If you dissipate one, you dissipate the other.

This is the best way to stop unwanted electrical energy, in this case, cell phone radiation. Once it is turned into heat it will never come back.