DNA Introduction

  • Dissipative Noise Attenuation
  • A unique system to reduce dirty electricity by turning it into heat.
  • This product connects directly to the 50/60 Hz. power lines.
  • Mx (max) model is for industrial applications where it is likely that there will be a great deal of noise on the power lines.
  • Rx (residential) model addresses less severe environments.
  • Px (personal) model for less severe environments and smaller usage areas. NEW
  • Warranty Information

DNA Product Line Description

The DNA product line is designed for the 50/60 Hz. power lines, 120 VAC or 240 VAC. It accomplishes the  reduction of high frequency noise, most commonly known as Dirty Electricity. The frequency range over which this product is designed to be effective is approximately 5 kHz to 500 kHz. It does though, provide reduction (attenuation) of dirty electricity above and below the above-mentioned range.
NOTE: if you are outside the U.S. be sure to check with your Dealer to get the correct line cord for your area.

Dirty Electricity  Sources

Dirty Electricity in this frequency range can come from a wide variety of sources. They include the following.
Dirty Electricity from switch mode power supplies that power various electronics that are connected to the A.C. line, including computers, off-the-grid power inverters, office machines, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), entertainment electronics, etc.
Harmonics from traditional power supplies (not switch mode supplies) that power various electronics, noted above.

  • Harmonics from electrical motors.
  • Broadband Dirty Electricity from electric arc welders. This is severe, intense noise.
  • Broadband Dirty Electricity from induction heaters. This is severe, intense noise.
  • Broadband Dirty Electricity and harmonics from motor speed controls, light dimmers and solid state switches. The latter includes SCR’s and Triacs.
  • Dirty Electricity  from certain Radio Frequency (RF) transmitters.

Filter Products

“Power conditioning” is the broad umbrella of a wide variety of techniques, circuits and  systems that filter, smooth, regulate, limit, compensate and adjust AC and DC power to accomplish optimum system performance. In the arena of removing noise(Dirty Electricity), most such  conditioning products filter noise (Dirty Electricity). This means that they stop or arrest the noise(Dirty Electricity). It is  somewhat akin to damming a river. The problem with the filter approach (and the dam for that matter) is that the pressure is always there. There is something that is always  trying to get through. There are various things that can change, that will alter the  effectiveness of the filter, most notably the load impedance. Simply turning loads off or on, by definition, changes the load impedance, so the effectiveness of a filter typically varies.

Filters require that they carry the power that they are filtering. So all of the power that needs to be filtered passes through the filter. If a filter is added to a major utility power feed after the fact, it will require quite a bit of effort to reroute the power through the filter.

The DNA Line Filter is one of our products, that does indeed carry all of the load current. It was designed to reduce the Dirty Electricity caused by the inverters that are typically used in alternative power systems such as photo-voltaic solar arrays and wind mills (wind turbines).

DNA Product Line Approach To Conditioning Power – Reducing Dirty Electricity

Most of the he DNA (Dissipative Noise Attenuation) product line is fundamentally
different from a filter type of product. The basic architecture of these parallel DNA products is to provide a low impedance path for the high frequency Dirty Electricity. The DNA provides a “path of least resistance” for the Dirty Electricity.

Once the DNA has “captured” the Dirty Electricity power, it dissipates it. “Dissipate” means turning the Dirty Electricity power into heat. This heat is radiated from the product. It is important to note that once the Dirty Electricity power has been turned into heat, it cannot “get back” to “electrical Dirty Electricity”. It is gone forever.

The Parallel DNA Products Do Not “Carry” The AC Power That They Are Cleaning

Another important and fundamental difference in these specific parallel products (MxDNA, RxDNA-V2, PxDNA) of DNA product architecture, is that they do not “carry” the power that they are conditioning. These DNA products operate in parallel with the loads (equipment) that they is protecting from Dirty Electricity. These DNAs simply plug into a standard AC outlet and draw the Dirty Electricity on that AC line into themselves – then dissipate it. This makes it especially easy and convenient to install a unit in a particular application. It also makes it very easy to test the effectiveness of the DNA products in a particular setting.

NOTE: there is a DNA-Line-Filter product which does indeed carry the load current. This architecture results in exceptionally effective filtering, even at relatively low frequencies (15 to 40 kHz) where switching regulators and inverters are notorious for generating dirty electricity. This type of filter will be very effective in reducing the dirty electricity experienced by off-the-grid sites (homes and businesses) that are suffering from dirty electricity generated by switching inverters that are converting the DC power from solar cell arrays and windmills into 60 Hz AC power.

Modular Product, Modular Deployment

Another important aspect of this parallel architecture of the DNA is that it can be deployed in a modular fashion. If a single DNA does not provide sufficient reduction of Dirty Electricity power, more units can be plugged into the same circuit.

This PxDNA, which is the “personal version” of the DNA product line is portable. It allows you to change your “installation” easily, throughout the day, if you like. You can have a PxDNA in the office during the work day, bring it home and plug it in the living room in the early evening, and plug it into an outlet in the bedroom at night.

Finally, the intent of the DNA approach is to capture and remove utility and other Dirty Electricity power as early as possible, to capture the Dirty Electricity while it is on the AC line before it can radiate into the living space.

The DNA Products

Please read the paragraphs that follow the chart (below) to help you pick the DNA model that works for you.


Model Number Application
Applied 50/60 Hz Voltage (VAC) Dirty Elec. Power Dissipation Max. (watts) Estimated Attenuation
MxDNA2500 Industrial, High Noise Voltages 120 or 240 120 12 db (Removed 93.7%)
MxDNA1250 Industrial, Medium Noise Voltages 120 or 240 120 17db (Removed 98.0%)
RxDNA-V2 Residential, Moderate Noise Voltages 120 or 240 60 18 db (Removed 98.4%)
RxDNA-V3LF NEW Residential, Moderate Noise Voltages With Low Frequency Content 120 or 240 60 18 db (Removed 98.4%) at lower freqs. than V2
PxDNA Personal Residential, Moderate Noise Voltages 120/240 10 18 db (Removed 98.4%)


The Effect of Connecting Multiple DNAs On Same Power Circuit

The following chart is for a specific test case. This means that the distributed resistance and inductance in the power wiring of the facility are specific values, and there is a specific test frequency.

Effect of Paralleling DNAs

DNA Product Specifications On The AC Line

The MxDNA, RxDNA-V2 and PxDNA all operate in the same manner. They provide a path of least resistance for dirty electricity and turn that dirty electricity into heat.

All 3 models will present a reactive load at low frequencies, such as 50 or 60 Hz. They will therefore draw reactive current, called an idle current, at a lagging phase angle.

In the regime of 50/60 Hz, this reactive idle current is approximately:

MxDNA:  350 ma AC

RxDNA-V2:  450 ma AC

PxDNA:  450 ma AC

The RxDNA-V2 and PxDNA are a bit more aggressive in filtering dirty electricity than the MxDNA and this is reflected in the higher idle current.

NOTE: At frequencies higher than the power line frequencies (50/60 Hz) the DNA products will present a resistive load to the line.

All three models have protection against over-heating. The MxDNA and RxDNA-V2 have a thermal (electro-mechanical) circuit breaker which trips at a specific current and the PxDNA has an electronic over-current protector.

If the circuit breaker opens (from too much current), it can be reset manually by pressing the reset button on the DNA chassis (MxDNA and RxDNA).

If the PxDNA electronic current protector opens (from too much current) it is reset by simply unplugging the PxDNA, waiting 5 minutes, and plugging it back in.

In the chart above that compares the DNA products, you will note that the Dirty Electricity Power Max is different for the 3 models. If the dirty electricity on the AC line is more than these respective maximum powers than the respective current protection (as just described) will open the circuit and that DNA will be OFF.

How To Select A DNA Model – An Analogy

Imagine that we have two water filters. One is designed for the home and one is designed for a major hotel. Both of these filters are designed to remove 90% of the contaminants.

The difference is that the hotel filter can handle a much larger volume of water as it is removing 90% of the contaminants.

In a similar way, all the DNA products remove approximately the same percent of dirty electricity, but the total volume of dirty electricity that any unit can handle is different.

The MxDNA handles the largest amount of dirty electricity and would probably be used mostly for industrial settings.

Two MxDNA Models: Note that there are 2 models, MxDNA2500 and MxDNA1250. The model 2500 does not remove as much dirty electricity (as the model 1250), but (the model 2500) will function to remove dirty electricity in an environment where there is a high dirty electricity voltage on the power lines. If a model 1250 were used in an environment with high dirty electricity voltage, it would eventually become too hot and it would shut itself off.

In reality, there will be few environments where the dirty electricity voltage will be high enough to cause a model 1250 to shut itself off, and as a result, most industrial applications will use the MxDNA1250.

The RxDNA-V2 handles a medium amount of dirty electricity and would probably find its application in a commercial setting or a residential setting that might be in an industrial area of a city.

The PxDNA handles the smallest amount of dirty electricity and was designed for the residential market.

All DNA models have a self-protection mechanism, if it happens that you are subjecting that DNA model to an amount of dirty electricity that is too much (for that model).

The MxDNA and RxDNA-V2 have a mechanical circuit breaker that will disconnect that model from the AC line if there is too much dirty electricity applied to it. That circuit breaker is reset by pressing the reset button on the circuit breaker (on the DNA chassis).

The PxDNA has an electronic breaker. It is reset by unplugging the DNA unit from the AC line (the AC outlet) for 5 minutes then plugging it back in.

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Noble Electronic, Inc. warrants the DNA Filter products for 1 year. This includes replacement parts and repair labor. It is the Customers responsibility to cover shipping cost to Noble Electronics, Inc. Products returned for repair must not show evidence of abuse to be eligible for warranty repair. Abuse includes mechanical abuse or water-or-other-liquid exposure.

Certain DNA Line Filter products are rated for outdoor use and are housed in NEMA 3R enclosures. NEMA 3R means “drip proof”, “rain proof”, “sleet proof” and “snow proof”. NEMA 3R enclosures are not fully water-or-other-liquid proof. They will not maintain prevention of water-or-other-liquid intrusion if they are exposed to a stream of water-or-other-liquid from a hose or water-or-other-liquid that splashes from underneath. These later 2 instances will void the warranty.