Maximum Dissipative Noise Attenuation

PxDNAThe MxDNA model is designed for the industrial or heavy commercial market. Industrial settings will have numerous equipment, systems, devices and power utility infrastructure that can generate high levels of dirty electricity. The DNA models reduce the dirty electricity by approximately the same amount – as a percent. They differ in the total amount of dirty electricity power that they can handle.

The DNA Products

Please read the paragraphs that follow the chart (below) to help you pick the DNA model that works for you.


Model Number Application
Applied 50/60 Hz Voltage (VAC) Noise Power Dissipation Max. (watts) Estimated Attenuation
MxDNA2500 Industrial, High Noise Voltages 120 or 240 120 12 db (Removed 93.7%)
MxDNA1250 Industrial, Medium Noise Voltages 120 or 240 120 17db (Removed 98.0%)
RxDNA1000 Residential, Moderate Noise Voltages 120 or 240 60 18 db (Removed 98.4%)
NEW PxDNA1000 Personal Residential, Moderate Noise Voltages 120/240 10 18 db (Removed 98.4%)

How To Select A DNA Model – An Analogy

Imagine that we have two water filters. One is designed for the home and one is designed for a major hotel. Both of these filters are designed to remove 90% of the contaminants.

The difference is that the hotel filter can handle a much larger volume of water as it is removing 90% of the contaminants.

In a similar way, all the DNA products remove approximately the same percent of dirty electricity, but the total volume of dirty electricity that any unit can handle is different.

The MxDNA handles the largest amount of dirty electricity and would probably be used mostly for industrial settings.

The RxDNA handles a medium amount of dirty electricity and would probably find its application in a commercial setting or a residential setting that might be in an industrial area of a city.

The PxDNA handles the smallest amount of dirty electricity and was designed for the residential market.

All DNA models have a self-protection mechanism, if it happens that you are subjecting that DNA model to an amount of dirty electricity that is too much (for that model).

The MxDNA and RxDNA have a mechanical circuit breaker that will disconnect that model from the AC line if there is too much dirty electricity applied to it. That circuit breaker is reset by pressing the reset button on the circuit breaker (on the DNA chassis).

The PxDNA has an electronic breaker. It is reset by unplugging the DNA unit from the AC line (the AC outlet) for 5 minutes then plugging it back in.

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