Stopping the Flow of RF Currents In A Conductor. Part 1

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Stopping the Flow of RF Currents In A Conductor. Part 1

As discussed in a previous article on RF energy many times a current will be flowing in a conductor that is unwanted. It is induced from some external field. The source of that field could be any of a myriad of sources from the A.C. power line to various types of RF transmitters that surround us in this modern world.

This article is centered on the matter of reducing the RF energy that gets to a person's head who is using a cell phone. More specifically, we are addressing the scenario where a user of a cell phone has the cell phone attached to his-her belt and has a wired ear piece microphone that comes up to the head. The ear piece part of this is inserted in the ear.

In the wire that is connecting the cell phone (on the hip) to the ear piece,(a cell phone accessory) there is, unintentionally, RF energy. The RF energy that is radiating from the antenna of the cell phone is trying to get to the cell phone carrier's Relay Station . Unintentionally and unfortunately, some of that energy is inducing into the wire going to the user's head. It is here that the danger, safety, health concerns arise.

How can that be stopped?

Two common approaches are: Filtering of the unwanted RF energy and Dissipation of the unwanted RF energy. These will be discussed in some detail in the next two articles, with the Noble1 cell phone accessory being offerred as the "dissipation" approach.