Robert Palma, Resume - Brief

  • 36 years, Research and Development engineering.
  • Hands on hardware and software design engineer.
  • Extensive experience with analysis of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMI) problems and design of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) fixes, from very low frequencies to 18 Ghz.
  • 23 years, design and development of spacecraft and launch vehicle systems for 17 Earth orbiting satellites, 3 upper stages, 2 primary boosters 1 Shuttle attached payload and truck loads of ground support equipment.
    Okay ... a rocket scientist.
  • Development of Aircraft-to-Deck measurement instrument for U.S. Navy to alleviate problems of HERO (Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance.
  • Awarded NASA/Air Force Award for work as one of two principle design engineers for the re-write of military standard, MIL-STD-1512 (tailored for U.S. Space Shuttle program) that controls the EMC design of all explosive devices on any Space Shuttle Flight - a joint NASA, Navy, Air Force effort.
    Award is here.
  • Design of many circuits and systems for: precision instrumentation, power control and conditioning, telemetry, automated test, microprocessor control, thermal and optical sensing, radio frequency generators, amplifiers, receivers and transmitters. Design of explosion-proof instrumentation and power control systems.
  • Chief Engineer and Program Manager of the LACE satellite design and development at U.S Naval Research Laboratory, for the Strategic Defense Initiative (star wars). Commanded a team of 500 engineers and scientists. Program cost was $154 million. Mission was an outstanding success.
  • Written 17 papers, many published in refereed journals. See full resume (link is below).
  • BSEE University of Virginia and 16 other graduate and continuing education courses.
  • Served as Chief Engineer, 50 kw FM broadcast station, WCCV-FM
  • FCC licensed Commercial Radio Operator.
  • Robert's Full Resume Click here.
  • Watch Robert's LACE Spacecraft Video !
    (7 minutes length) Click here.

Gregory Palma, Resume - Brief

  • 31 years as Research and Development Technician.
  • Technical Director: supervising and training assemblers for high tech electronic fabrication and extensive experience in planning, setting up and managing electronic and electro-mechanical manufacturing.
  • Hands on hardware development for precision analog instrumentation, digital control circuits and systems.
  • Extensive circuit board and mechanical system design.
  • Developed more than 50 separate designs for military power supplies up to the kilowatt level.
  • Produced numerous military RF cable assemblies, flexible and semi-rigid, for microwave systems.
  • Lead development technician for multi-kilowatt high fidelity audio amps, custom, high end CD players, DVD players and Laser Disk players.
  • Assembled and operates a microwave test laboratory.
  • NASA qualified Solder-Assembler.

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