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Reduce Cell Phone Radiation To Your Head.

"With our 70 combined years of engineering background, and our unique testing approach, we will help you understand, right now, how our product will TRULY reduce the Cell Phone radiation to your head".

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Perhaps you have been reading about cell phone danger, cell phone safety or cell phone radiation to your head and are concerned for yourself and your loved ones. On this web site you will get straight answers.

You can reduce by approximately 90% (sometimes more) the cell phone radiation (the radio frequency energy) to your head with our device. We will tell you how and show/demonstrate its usage here in these web pages. We will show you our laboratory test data.

We have data from our own microwave (radiation) laboratory for testing with the NASA / Military method of testing radiation reduction (attenuation). We don't make vague, non-specific references like "tested by a major laboratory". On our Engineering page, we will discuss what a microwave is, and what a microwave laboratory is. There are links at the top of each page to take you to any other page.

In this web site we will describe the physics of cell phone radiation to your head that you have no doubt been wondering about. Specifically, we will discuss the radiation that is coming off your Cell Phone antenna and travelling to your head. We will provide credible, expert explanations of various approaches to reduce radiation, including the dreadfully bad idea of using a Blue Tooth wireless headset/microphone.

You don't have to buy anything to receive this lesson in Electronic Engineering and Physics! Just keep reading and also visit our Engineering page. Our device is the ultimate cell phone accessory.

Best of the best We do not manufacture this product. We have surveyed other original equipment manufacturer's products and after 2.5 years of testing in our own microwave radiation laboratory, we have selected the best of the best and are marketing it under our own name.

We were shocked and dismayed to read the ads on the Internet for cell phone radiation reduction devices that used scare tactics like " your cell phone is killing you ", and make audacious claims for the device they are selling, like " this product will save your life ".

We have seen so many sites for products that seem to be run by people that are hiding their identities, no resumes, no curriculum vitae, no street addresses, no phone numbers. Do these people exist? Why are they hiding?

You must be frustrated and confused with so many web sites and experts claiming: cell phone danger, cell phone health issues, cell phone safety issues, and simultaneously reading that the cell phone makers and cell phone carriers indicate that there is little or no such problem. Who should you believe?

Perhaps you have come to the conclusion that it's a good idea to reduce the cell phone radiation exposure to you and your loved ones. We want to help.

We are doing our job only, and doing it well. You may notice that in our words we never assert that cell phones are in fact dangerous, that cell phone radiation is bad for you, that adults and children are in harms way when using cell phones, etc. It is the job of the government to determine if there is a problem. If so, then the government must set standards and regulate that industry.

For the persons who have decided for themselves, that there may be cell phone health or cell phone safety issues to be concerned with, and want to reduce cell phone radiation to their head, our job, as we see it:
  • provide a device that reduces cell phone radiation to a persons head who is using a wired ear-piece / head-set,
  • provide testing / characterization of that device that is credible, and state-of-the-art

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We promise to you that we have put our best scientific and engineering expertise and experience into this product (testing) and that we have always placed honesty, integrity and product performance before profit.

  • Our inspiration for this product was to offer excellent technology to our families.
  • We will describe this unique technique of measuring, and qualifying cell phone radiation reduction devices - right here in this web site! Here is a cell phone accessory really worth purchasing.
  • You can see a picture of our corporate headquarters.
  • We are real, we are here for you, and we want to earn your trust!

Don't wait to start experiencing a reduction of cell phone radiation to your precious head!

For technical discussions, please visit our Engineering page.

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Tip Of The Day !

Tuesday 2022-08-09 08-16-19

BlueTooth Wireless Earpiece - A Really Bad Idea You may have seen people wearing an ear piece that has no wires connected to it. In addition, this device has a microphone as part of it. This is most probably a BlueTooth wireless earphone/microphone. BlueTooth is the name of a specific type of wireless (Radio Frequency) technology. BlueTooth uses specific frequencies, and communicates using specific protocols. It is intended for wireless connectivity over very short distances - less than 10 meters. Mostly it was intended to allow various computer peripherals (keyboard, mouse, etc.) to wirelessly connect to the PC. The BlueTooth approach for Cell Phone usage, uses a BlueTooth transmitter in the Cell Phone and a BlueTooth receiver in the ear piece so that the user (the person wearing the BlueTooth device) can hear the other party on the Cell Phone call. In addition, and here comes the problem, there is BlueTooth transmitter in the ear piece that communicates with a BlueTooth receiver in the Cell Phone so that when the user speaks, his/her voice will be connected to the Cell Phone. If a BlueTooth device is used for the convenience of not having wires coming from an ear piece to a Cell Phone that is, say, on the users belt, well then it could be more convenient in a way. Of course you now have another device to buy batteries for (The BlueTooth earpiece). If the BlueTooth device is being used to keep the Cell phone radiation away from the users head, then this is an insane idea. There is a BlueTooth transmitter in the BlueTooth device! The radiation from that BlueTooth device is in the users ear. Its in his/her head! Also, the BlueTooth frequencies, are closer to the optimum frequency for heating biological tissues. BlueTooth frequencies are in the same band of frequencies as microwave ovens. We have heard arguments that the power of the BlueTooth transmitter that is in the ear piece, is less (power) than that of a Cell Phone. While this is probably true, since BlueTooth transmitter is so close to the persons head, one would really be defeating themselves in using a BlueTooth earpiece for reducing RF to the head. All in all, it a user wants to reduce RF to his/her head, a BlueTooth wireless earphone/microphone is a dreadfully bad idea.

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